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Get back on your feet !

Walk is designed to help people with neurologics problems.
Walk is the device that helps to improve walking ability.
Meet again with freedom, safety and confort !

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Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation :
The core concept of the Walk device

RAS works on our natural ability to synchronize our movements with a given rhythm. The emission of sound signals at a given interval help to rediscover a fluid and harmonious walk pattern.

The Walk that helps with walking difficulties is borne of clever research and technology developments.

The Walk is the first device of its kind to use Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation to help people with walking difficulties.


Forget all about your walking difficulties thanks to the first smart device based on Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation.

Walk emits an external rhythm in the form of a sound signal, allowing you to synchronize your movements as and when it’s needed.

Rediscover the pleasure of walking freely in all confidence.

    Connect :: the Walk and the headset
  1. Adjust : the frequency and volume
  2. Walk !

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7 days with an individual monitoring

The pack includes :

  • The Walk device
  • The bone conduction headset and its charger

Discrete and easy to use, the Walk is a patented device.

Made in France
5 years full guarantee
/ Delivery in less than 3 days in France and 5 working days abroad.

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